My Skin Story

It’s awesome to see how Rodan and Fields is changing lives!! This skincare line is the real deal y’all.

Alright everyone, I am about to get so real with you. I will share something that has literally been a struggle of mine since 5th grade! I never thought I would share this with anyone because I have been so embarrassed and ashamed that my skin ever even looked like this.

In the 5th grade I got my first pimple ever. Straight in the middle of my face between my eyebrows. It was the only place I would get it for a good few months until I reached 6th grade. Through out middle school my acne only got worse. I was always so embarrassed about my skin. I wouldn’t spend the night at my friends houses because I didn’t want to take off whatever makeup I had on so people could see what my skin really looked like.

I remember so vividly, my freshman year of high school the entire sports…

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