I’m Okay With Not Being Equal

I’m okay with not being equal to my husband. He is a MAN and I am a WOMAN. We were not designed by our creator to be equal. We have specific roles. When you break it down and expose the bigger picture, you realize that we are all on this Earth to serve the ones next to us.

A Doctor serves by taking care of his patients.

A Teacher serves by helping others learn.

A Custodian serves by keeping our schools clean.

A Park Ranger serves by protecting wildlife and nature.

A Soldier serves by giving their life to protect our freedoms.

A Barber serves by helping you have a good hair day or days…

A Real Estate Agent serves by helping you find a perfect house.

A Stay at Home Mom serves by raising her children and hopefully turning them into decent human beings that will someday be released into society to serve others in the manner they choose.

Humans serve in many different fashions and every single job serves somebody, someway somehow. We have learned to live symbiotically ( yes, men and women are entirely different species) together in this world because of this.

Now I can tell you from personal experience that I have never been held back by society. I have never been told I can not serve in the ways in which I have wanted to serve. I have been a babysitter, a lifeguard, a gas station clerk, a student, a college athlete, a coach, a dental assistant, a CEO, a wife and a mom. NOBODY told me I had to do those things. Nobody gave me those positions. I’ve held every one of these job titles because I have wanted to AND… most importantly because I EARNED IT. I worked hard for it.

I do not want any position in life because I am a woman and that company is just trying to fill in the gaps so statistically they look good on paper for not discriminating. I want my boss to look me in the eye, shake my hand, and say “Congrats on the new position” because I am truly in his or her eyes the most qualified for that job.

Guess what? Women will not always be the most qualified. There will be men that deserve those positions more than me. I honestly do not even know why women are marching. Especially women in America.

Because Trump said something disgusting? There are women that sit around at wine nights, or in the locker room at school, or at concerts or in a movie theatre (50 Shades) that say far more disgusting and crude things about men than Trump said about women. Neither are okay, but quit acting like this is new. “Locker Room Talk” is a two way street. The only difference is when a guy hears it, it boosts his ego. He does not complain. Most of the time guys are flattered. When a woman hears it, it is sexual assault or sexual harassment and that man deserves to sit in jail for years to rot and die for one dirty thought. Everyone has done it, whether you’re a middle school kid with raging hormones or an adult with raging hormones.

Hypocrisy at its finest but biblically it’s a sin, regardless of who does it and we each have to answer for that one day.

Are we marching for Roe vs. Wade?

That’s a whole different argument and the sad reality is that it will never be over turned. Again, those individuals will answer to God for their decisions one day.

Including MYSELF! We have ALL fallen short of the glory of God. We are ALL sinners.

I felt compelled to write today mainly to say, biblically, God’s job for me is different than the job he gave my husband and I am 100% okay with that. I am okay with not being equal. God designed me as a woman to make babies and love my husband. I think I’ve done a good job in that roll so far. What’s wrong with that? No where in the bible does it say I can’t learn or better myself professionally or do what I want to do.

I am proud to be a  woman and I am glad that I was designed to be different. I am emotionally strong. I know that because, among other life changing events, I’m now on month 4 of 9 in this deployment and I haven’t jumped off a bridge. I may or may not have thought about it once when I had 2 hours of sleep for a week straight, crying babies, tantrums and family drama but that is besides the point.

I’m physically strong. I can dead lift 235 which is way more than most MEN. I can run faster than most men. I am a better athlete than most men. I can shoot a gun better than most men.

I as a WOMAN can do a lot of things better than most men because of the way GOD designed me to be different:

I can love better than most men. I am more empathetic than most men. I can multi-task better than most men. I can handle a cold better than most men. I am more sensual than most men. I am cleaner than most men. I can handle pain better than most men (2 c-sections later… come at me BRO!). I can handle stress better than most men. I am more organized than most men.

AND I EMBRACE IT! I am proud of it.

I will add that my husband is a much better athlete than me, he is stronger than me, faster than me, he can shoot better than me, he is more level-headed than me, calmer than me, probably smarter than me in a lot of areas- he thinks more logically than I do, a better cook than me (not a better baker) but he makes the best steak dinner in the world! He is better at reading his bible than I am. He’s a better spiritual leader than me- he’s seriously overall a great leader. And that is OKAY. He makes me proud to be his wife. I want him to be better than me in most of those areas. These are some of the things that attracted me to him in the first place. Are there some couples where the roles are reversed. Sure! And that’s fine too. Whatever works for you.

My point is being a woman in AMERICA has not held THIS WOMAN back. I have been able to do anything and everything I have dreamed to do. I do not make excuses. As long as I worked for it, I achieved it. I do not feel limited. I do not feel belittled. I co-exist with my male humans peacefully and I love them for everything that they were designed to do better than me. If I am not qualified, fine. I work harder. I am not ENTITLED to anything. I do not fit the status quo for most women and there are men that do not fit the status quo for men. AND IT’S FINE!

Will there always be a sexist man? YES. They suck.

Will there be sexist women? Yeah, there thousands marching right now. They suck.

Will there be racist fools? YES. They suck.

Will there be rapists? Yes, they suck.

Will there be murders, thieves, liars, cheaters, abusers, adulterers, or any human of sinful nature? YES, AND THEY SUCK! We all suck!

Unfortunately, being a feminist does not mean what it used to mean. It’s all about man shaming. I’m all about equal pay but I’m not disgracing the opposite sex because it’s a movement. I respect the men around me and the men around me respect me. Our great- grandmas were the real feminists, they fought for the equality that we currently have!

This woman does not want to be thrown on a band wagon for a problem in this country that in my opinion DOES NOT exist. It has never existed for me. The only person holding you back in this life is YOU. Regardless of sex, race or whatever else that makes us different.

America is not sexist. You have rights ladies. Let’s march for the women in other countries that do not. Someone always has it worse than you. Reflect on that.


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